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Individual Record for: James Geoffrie Musgrave O'Hara (male)

  James O'Hara       
James Geoffrie Musgrave O'Hara      Family Record  
  Blanche Fanny Gambier       

Spouse Children
Alice Mary Peacock
  (Family Record)

Event Date Details
Birth 3 APR 1869 Place: 2 Berkley Place, London Source: IOR Index Card
Death AFT 1905  

Attribute Details Date
Occupation 2nd Grade Railway Engineer 1905
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O'Hara, James Geoffrie Musgrave (*1869), Captain. II 1686, 35, Details taken from the British Biographical Index, 2nd cumulated and enlarged edition. Edited by David Bank & Theresa McDonald. Published by K.G. Saur, Munich, Germany, 1998

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