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Individual Record for: William O'Hara (male)

William O'Hara         

Spouse Children
  (Family Record)
William O'Hara

Event Date Details
Birth ABT 1810  
Death AFT 1832  

Attribute Details Date
Occupation Colour Sergeant HM 62nd Regiment 1832
from http://members.ozemail.com.au/~clday/62hist.htm
In June 1830, the 62nd sailed to India. Lieutenant-Colonel John Reed disembarked at Madras in September with three Companies, and camped at Marmalong Bridge outside the City, before marching to Bangalore, where the rest of the Regiment joined them in November.
The following year, in May, the Flank Companies marched to join a Force at Sheemoga, 150 miles away, to quell Mahratta disturbances in the Nugger Province in North-west Mysore. Their presence restored order and the 62nd's Companies returned to Bangalore. All was quiet in Bangalore till October 1832, when a native conspiracy might well have resulted in the death of all the Europeans. An insurrection had been planned whereby the native troops and population, assisted by the Pindaris, who were roving freebooter terrorists, mostly outlaws from various tribes, were to rise on the night of 28th October. Five hundred conspirators would be admitted through the gates of Bangalore Fort by native soldiers. They were to kill General Hawker in his quarters instantly, cut down the 62nd's sentries on the magazine and seize it. The code word for the gate to be opened was "Tipoo Sahib," the name of an Indian adventurer and usurper killed in Mysore by the British some thirty years before. Once the fort was captured, the Indian cavalry and artillerymen were to cut loose all the horses of the British 13th Light Dragoons, and kill the white gunners. The Pindaris would then be called in to carry out the general slaughter. Fortunately the plot was discovered by a Eurasian Drummer in the 48th Native Infantry; faithful to the European side of his ancestry, he revealed it. Guards were strengthened, the Indian ringleaders seized, and the 39th Foot and other reinforcements brought in from Poonamallee. Punishment was condign, four of the conspirators were blown from cannon, two were shot, and the remainder transported for life.

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