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Individual Record for: Alexander O'Hara (male)

Alexander O'Hara         

Event Date Details
Birth 1766 Place: Ireland
Cadet 4 AUG 1782 Place: Calcutta, India Source: Bengal Calendar (1790)
Death 1793 Place: Tamluk Town, Midnapore, West Bengal Source: INSCRIPTIONS ON TOMBS AMD MONUMENTS IN BENGAL, WILSON 1896 (OIOC)
In Fort William / India House Correspondence (1782-85) page 10:

We have appointed he following gentlemen cadets for your Presidency who on their arrival to rank as cadet of last season viz:
Alexander O'Hara next below Mr Paul Cudmore
John Missing next below John Dickens
George Johnston next below Thos. Harper
James Livingston next below George Bogle
James Davidson next below Robt. Broughton.

Lieutenant in the 8th Battalion, 4th Brigade Bengal Native Infantry, in 1789, his date of commission was 4 Aug
1782 (recorded in Bengal Calendar 1790).

Lieutenant 5th Battalion Bengal Volunteers. Died at Tamluk Town, Midnapore.

made Brevet Lieutenant in 9 July 1793 (List of Officers of East India Company Officers,Military Index, OIOC

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