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Individual Record for: Oliver O'Hara (male)

  Henry O'Hara       
Oliver O'Hara      Family Record  
  Ann Macgennis       

Spouse Children
Honoria McManus
  (Family Record)
Hester O'Hara
John O'Hara
Brabazon Rawdon O'Hara
Henry O'Hara

Event Date Details
Birth ABT 1760 Place: Antrim, Ireland
This family of O'Hara's are descended from the O'Haras of Crebilly, Antrim (http://www.libraryireland.com/Pedigrees1/OHara4Heber.php)

I. Henry: the elder son of Henry of Claggin; m., first, Charity Chichester; and, secondly, Anne Magennis, and had two sons--1. Alexander, 2. Henry:

I. Alexander m. Emma Jones, and had Henry:
I. Henry m. Letitia Jones, and had Henry-Jones O'Hara:
I. Henry-Jones O'Hara, d. s. p. at Torquay. His remains were removed to the family vault in the graveyard of Kells Abbey, co. Antrim; where a monument‡ was in 1854 erected to his memory. This branch is now extinct.

II. Henry: second son of Henry: no issue recorded.

II. Oliver: second son of Henry, of Claggin; married Honoria McManus, and had--1. Hester, 2. John, 3. Henry, 4. Rawdon:
I. Hester, the last of her branch, died in advanced age, after 1854; it was this Hester who erected the monument above mentioned (see Note "Monument," infra.)
II. John, a lieutenant in the 68th regiment of the line, d. s. p. in the West Indies.
III. Henry, an adjutant in the East India Co.'s Service, d. s. p. in the East Indies.
IV. Rawdon: the fourth child of Oliver; also an adjutant in the East India Co.'s Service, fell at Kolwaga. This branch of the family is also extinct.

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