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Personal and Family Information

Elizabeth O'Hara was born FEB 1815 in Fort St George, Madras, India. The birth entry records Elizabeth was the “illegitimate daughter of Captain L O'Hara”

She died SEP 1884 in Coconada, India. She was the daughter of Lawrence O'Hara and Unknown Female.

Elizabeth O'Hara's husband was David Edward E Conwell. They were married DEC 1831 in Vepery Church, Madras, India. Their 6 known children were Elizabeth Ann Conwell, Ann Amelia Conwell, Lucy Elizabeth Conwell, Sarah Harriet Conwell, Felicia Charlotte Conwell and Elizabeth Constance Conwell.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Elizabeth O'Hara


Lawrence O'Hara


Unknown Female



Baptism25 FEB 1815Fort St George, Madras, India


Witnesses at her marriage to David Conwell were:

John Thomas King, RE Lafond, John O'Hara (Elizabeth's brother), Elizabeth King, Benedict Lafond. The service was conducted by chaplain Henry Harper.

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