Individual Record for: Lawrence O'Hara

Personal and Family Information

Lawrence O'Hara was born ABT 1770. He died SEP 1825.

Lawrence O'Hara had 3 marriages/partners. His 1st wife was Mary Woodson. They were married FEB 1794 in St John's Anglican Church, Calcutta, India. They had no known children.

His 2nd wife was Unknown Female. They were married AFT 1794. Their 4 known children were John Lawrence O'Hara, William O'Hara, Elizabeth O'Hara and Amelia O'Hara.

His 3rd partner was Gungah. They were never married. Their known child was George O'Hara.


Residence1793Calcutta, IndiaBow Bazar Street, Fort William, Calcutta
Military Service1 AUG 1796Tanjore, IndiaEnsign, 52nd Regiment of Foot
Military Service1 JAN 1797Madras, IndiaLieutenant, 52nd Regiment of Foot
Military Service1 NOV 1797Madras, IndiaLieutenant, 36th Regiment of Foot
Military Service15 NOV 1797Madras, IndiaLieutenant, 33rd Regiment of Foot
Military Service23 DEC 1806Hyderabad, IndiaCaptain, 33rd Regiment of Foot
Military Service26 AUG 1811Madras, IndiaCaptain, 56th Regiment of Foot
Military Service12 AUG 1819Madras, IndiaBrevet Major, 56th Regiment of Foot
Military Service10 JAN 1822Limerick, IrelandRetired

Other Life Events

Occupation1793Calcutta, IndiaExaminer, Board of Revenue, East India Company


In the list of Europeans in Bengal he is listed as having been in Bengal from 1787-Autumn 1795.

Background Information worth following up:

Observations on Cholera among the soldiers of the 56th Regiment, Stationed at Port Louis Maritius XV11 (1821)