People born in India and Burma as recorded in the UK Census's 1841-1871

I have managed to extract anyone born in India or Burma as recorded in the 1841, 1851, 1861 and 1871 UK census. This includes only England and Wales for 1841 (Scottish census only records born in 'foreign parts'. For 1851 through 1871 there are details for England, Wales, Scotland and also the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man

For more information on the persons on this part of the site, please consult the Census records themselves for addresses, other people in the family etc. These are widely available from the Public Records Office and many commercial vendors such as for a relatively modest fee

The records are useful in many ways, I have found them useful in particular to trace those whom had no further records in the British Library or other India sources and eventually found them back in the UK. The default thought was often that the records had been lost as 15-20% were) so it is an interesting resource, especially for children who were often sent back to the UK for education.

Happy Hunting!